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What a day!  I feel great!!!  I am very satisfied with my end result.  BUT, I almost DNS.  It was 52F, windy and rainy.  But, I entered and did not look back.  Had issues getting settled into the swim, I was not getting my breathing on track and my goggles kept leaking.  I did however push through and once in the second lake settled in.  400 m run from lake to lake.  


Longer T1 than usual, still raining and standing water in roads, but after 20 was doing alright.  Best climbing I have ever had in a race.  I was smashing it on the downhills, but this idiot did not work his watch right and I have no clue if speed.  I stopped at the top of the long climb to wait on a friend to push her on.  Then I had two chain derails, but kept pushing.  


Run, I did. It stop once, kept an consistent pace.  First IM I have not walked!!!!  Awesome.    I picked it up slowly towards the last few KM, pushed it in hard on the last few hundred meters.  I crushed the finish.


So, World Championship slot allocation.  No joke, no one in my age group wanted it, of the names called.  Four slots for my age group.  Three guys walked up and I could have taken the fourth, but I will not be able to get off work and I don't have the funds right now.  Dang man.  Chattanooga, TN 09Sep17.  DANG DANG DANG.  I feel great, so the plan is working!  Now to improve for Heilbronn, and then Roth.  Good day, and now the sun is out.  


Nutrition, two bottles on bike, sips of Red Bill and water in run.  Total of 6 energy Gels and was there, dancing and cheering until the last person crossed.