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Testimonial from Chung

It all started when I saw an advertisement for free triathlon training through TriDot on Facebook to prepare myself for Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa. As a novice swimmer and biker, I had many areas that needed work.  So I signed up.


Coach Nick Seidel was my assigned online Coach.  He reached out to me much more than I had expected.  After all this was free.  Not only did he regularly provided motivation, checked on my progress, answered all of my questions but he also adjusted my triathlon training schedule to help me focus on my areas of weaknesses (swimming and biking). 


Coach Nick provided both emotional and physical support to me.  He went above and beyond by helping me find safe and appropriate locations to do my open water swimming and trial-time bike courses near my home.  


When Coach Nick realized I had a panic attack during my attempt at open water swimming, he immediately reached out to me.  He wanted to make sure I was truly doing okay. Then he scheduled meet ups one-on-one to help me overcome open water swimming. If you have ever had fear of drowning, you know this is not a fast process. Coach Nick was patient and supportive.  He even came to my Sprint Triathlon event to show support.  Coach Nick brought his sons, River and Mathis to cheer me on.  The care and support was oozing out of the Seidel family.  Having them there helped me finish my swim.  Ultimately, I went from hyperventilating and anxiously clinging to the sides of Comal River to later comfortably swimming 1500 meters in Lake Canyon Dam and 1.2 miles in Boerne Lake. 


Prior to working with Coach Nick, I was also a tour biker.  I rode about 10-12 mph on a flat course.  With his help and constant motivation (just the right amount of push) I was ultimately able to finish the hilly 100 kilometer course during the Fiesta Wildflower Ride.  


Under his continued guidance I later completed and placed 3rd in my age group at the Texasman OLY Triathlon. Even though Coach Nick was not geographically at the race, I felt his presence through text messages. 


So, how did I do at Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa you might ask? I, unfortunately, had an epic failure during the swim portion so DNF'ed (Did Not Finish). Besides the  bumping/grabbing by other swimmers, choppiness of the water and unexpected much colder water than I was prepared for, I had developed an unrelenting leg cramp.  With the very limited water support contributing to my panic, the race was over for me. I decided to quit and race another day. It was truly a learning experience. I need more training swimming in COLD rough water with lots of people.  Or, find warmer water with less people.


Coach Nick had texted my husband and I to make sure that I was okay. In fact, he wanted me to call him.  I think he wanted to hear that I was truly doing okay. I was.  Within a short period of time, together Coach and I came up with a game plan to rebound from this experience, get stronger and conquer a 70.3 in the future.


Chung Siedlecki

May 21, 2017

Nick Seidel