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I met Nick early this year through TriDot. He was assigned as my TriDot coach and started working together right away. He scheduled a introductory call go cover the basics about the plan and most important to get to know each other. Nick is a very personal guy, down to earth and understands the big picture. He listened and worked with me around my my schedule, which at the time was very spotty as I was busy at work and traveling often. Nick reminded me and focused on the basics: consistency, commitment, structured training schedule and nutrition. Nick also introduced me to the JuicePlus system, but apart from the system he  reinforced me the importance of nutrition in your training and lifestyle. As he well said, “nutrition is the 4th discipline of triathlon” - often skipped or minimized by most and definitely key part of the puzzle for an overall/sound athlete.


In my case I wasn’t able to continue with TriDot due to my work schedule and bad timing. TriDot worked great and definitely a major milestone when it comes to big data processing. Very effective system to capture and analyze your training sessions. User friendly and hardly any manipulation. All you need to do is to get out and train hard, then sit back and look how your data gets transferred to the system.  


I think one of Nick’s best qualities as a coach is his ability to listen, understand and adapt based on personal needs. As much as we all want everything to be perfect, simply most of us have regular full time jobs, family and personal obligations that present constant challenges to our passion - triathlon and training. Nick is the type of guy that will keep you challenged without getting in your nerves because a certain training session didn’t go as expected. I really enjoyed working with Nick and still keep in touch and looking forward with him in the future


Manuel Diaz - May 2017

Manuel- "Nutrition is 4th Discipline"