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Nick to the Plus Endurance Challenge

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What is it- At least a two-year journey to complete parts of and then a whole "Ultra Endurance Challenge" through the Texas Hill Country including swimming, biking and running over ultra distances.

Where- Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country

Why- Nick has been an endurance athlete for most of his life. Instead of paying to enter races for finisher medals, he has decided to create his own ultra challenges in his back yard, the Texas Hill Country. He does this for those who can't and wants any efforts to benefit charitable causes.

Next Challenge On Deck- Canyon Lake Crossing

October 27th




Four Lake Crossings!

4 * 4 * 48 challenge- Run 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours during the Texas Summer. Two attempts. Completed with Chris Mills.

Placid- 3.1 on Oct. 7th
Dunlap- 6.3 on Dec. 9th
Canyon- 7.9 on Dec. 16th

2019 Laps around New Braunfels Plaza for 2019. 256 miles in 24 days. (Click image below for the story.

McQueeney- 5.5 on Oct. 28th

I do this for those who CAN'T and Organizations I care about-

I have been given the ability and strength to enjoy and thrive in endurance challenges. I have done Ironman and ultramarathons and I have come to the point of asking "what is next?". Paying entry fees for a shirt and finisher medal is not longer motivating to me, I have found helping others through accomplishment is more fulfilling. So, I figured why not do my own crazy endurance challenges and do it for a cause? I have many passions and a big heart and would love to give and help many causes. Crowdrise has given me the ability to accomplish that. Follow my journey and help me help others in need <3


I have picked a number of non-profits that are near and dear to me, to work with and support through my endurance challenges. Scroll down to see the individual "Team" Pages. By clicking Join Campaign, you can also create your own Team or cause under the NTP Endurance Challenges Campaign. Isn't that SO COOL!

  • Crisis Center of Comal County- 
    Believe it or not, MEN can be the victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE... We NEED to protect our WOMEN and CHILDREN! Break the Silence... Chose Love not Hate, Resolve to NO VIOLENCE!

    • The Crisis Center of Comal County was founded in 1986 as the Comal County Women’s Center. Numerous local citizens began a grassroots effort to develop an agency that would address the needs of those experiencing domestic violence. In the beginning, the agency consisted of several volunteers who provided information and referral to other service providers in the area. As time passed and grant funding was obtained the agency grew to include several paid staff and an emergency shelter. During those first years, many of the agency’s clients also required sexual assault services. As a result, the agency developed a sexual assault crisis services program to serve Comal County. A capital campaign fund completed in 1994 funded a six-bedroom full-service emergency shelter. Since that time the staff has grown to 19 and includes a shelter staff of 6, 3 licensed counselors, 2 legal advocates, 3 prevention educators, and 2 crisis response staff members.

    • In 2000 the shelter was expanded to 9 bedrooms as well as new office space to provide additional services. As the number of clients increased the agency began to provide more and more services to men. As a result, the agency name was changed to The Crisis Center of Comal County.

  • San Marcos River Foundation-

    • The San Marcos River Foundation is partnering with Nick to the Plus Endurance Challenges and Texas State Triathlon. 

    • SMRF was established in 1985 to protect public access and preserve the San Marcos River, focusing on protecting the flow from aquifer-fed springs, improving the water quality and protecting the beauty of the area with parks and annual clean-ups.

    • SMRF works closely with Texas State University and The Meadows Center, the host venue.

    • The Meadow's Center to me will always hold memories as Aquarena. Growing up with the Glass Bottom Boats, the Mermaids and Ralph the Swimming Pig... Then later in life, College life, being part of the SWT/ Texas State Triathlon Team. Helping many years with the triathlons held at this great venue and cause. The venue is a sanctuary to me for many reasons, but the main one is that my sons would not exist if I would not have met their mother at this venue... The Meadow's Center has really developed from an "amusement park", is now a Research Center and Water Conservation Advocacy Center. With such a great staff that I know and trust, and all the kids/ groups they serve every day, SMRF and the Meadow's Center fit to benefit from Nick to the Plus Challenges and Texas State Triathlon.

  • Guadalupe and Blanco River Trust​-
    I do not have a lot of history with the GBRTrust. The main reason I have chosen to partner with them is that I am swimming in their LAKES! Also, a big part of this, the reason for the swims, is because I am fascinated with lakes, rivers, and FLOODING! Living in Texas, I have a generational experience with FLOODING. Partnering with GBRTrust, I have a big interest in FLOODING technology and prevention. FLOODING takes little precedence over WATER CONSERVATION and/or GLOBAL WATER/ WEATHER/ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS...


  • It's Time Texas-
    JOIN IT’S TIME TEXAS IT’S TIME TEXAS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a first-of-its-kind cause organization that empowers people to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities. Simply put, we make healthy easier. Join us to access and share free tools, information, and local, healthy connections. Nick to the Plus was a part of ITT back in 2004, right out of college. At that time ITT was Youth Interactive. Nick to the Plus was the Events Coordinator and with Baker Harrell (Founder and CEO of ITT) started to create a Family Fitness Festival... NTP has been involved with ITT ever since and their mission is his mission..!


  • Central Texas Ainsley's Angels-
    ​I have only run one event with Ainsley's Angels. This was one of the most powerful events I have ever run! I ran with TEAM GADRIEL . Gadriel is a child that has grown up with challenges most children don't have. Teresa and I ran with Gadriel's mother Marisol who runs many runs and marathons with her son. Have you ever pushed or pulled or carried someone for a distance? Have you ever carried yourself when you didn't think you could do it? Well, if you push or pull or carry someone else, you can go forever, because your pain is nothing compared to their pain, loss, or inability. We run for you Ainsley's Angels! Love - Peace - 

    Ainsley is the daughter of Kim and Lori Rossiter.  Kim, or ‘Rooster’, is a Major in the United States Marine Corps, currently stationed in Norfolk, VA. Born the middle of three children in 2003, Ainsley, was diagnosed with Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD) just before turning four years of age. INAD is an extremely rare terminal illness that has slowly caused global paralysis. She has become progressively less responsive to stimulus in the last few years but is still aggressively fighting her rapidly progressing illness, of which only there are less than twenty active cases of early-onset INAD known in the United States. Most children with this diagnosis pass on before reaching ten years of age, as there is no cure or treatment to help slow down this very progressive and terminal disease.


  • Green Bronx Machine-
    The Green Bronx Machine was created by one of my top favorite idols/ mentor/ fellow JP Fam- Stephen Ritz. He is a passion on fire and I hope to accomplish a 10th of what he has in impact on kids, families, schools, communities and urban farming.
    Mission Green Bronx Machine builds healthy, equitable, and resilient communities through inspired education, local food systems, and 21st Century workforce development. Dedicated to cultivating minds and harvesting hope, our school-based model using urban agriculture aligned to key school performance indicators grows healthy students and healthy schools to transform communities that are fragmented and marginalized into neighborhoods that are inclusive and thriving.
    Vision We believe that healthy students help drive healthy schools, and that healthy schools are at the heart of healthy communities. We envision growing healthy communities where those who are “apart from” will become “part of” new solutions that benefit 100% of society; a world where people do not have to leave their community to live, learn and earn in a better one.
    Together, we can grow something greater! Ready, set, GROW! Impact 2017 – 2018 School Year We are proud to report we were named to the HundrED List: the top 100 educational innovations in the world; and featured on the cover of Time Kids Magazine! 2016 – 2017 School Year We are proud to report our best NYC Dept of Ed Quality Review in the history of the school. 2015 – 2016 School Year We are proud to report a 45% increase in passing rates school-wide on NYS Science Exams. 2014 – 2015 School Year We are proud to report a 50% reduction in behavioral incidents and out-of-class time: teachers are teaching and students are learning.


  • NAACP-
    I support diversity, social justice and ONE RACE, only together everything is possible... We are all people, we are all individuals and we all have a choice to love or hate...

    The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.​

  • St. Jude Children's Hospital-
    This Team is to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Hospital. I think St. Jude is great because they provide free care for sick kids and help out the families, the families can stay for free with the kids. I also work with Juice Plus and St. Jude is the top charity for JP. I look to run the St. Jude half Marathon someday with my JP family.

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center-
    I know that MD Anderson does great things with Cancer research and helping patients. I have a personal interest in help MD Anderson because they recognize nutrition as thy medicine (Hippocrates). They giving patients the option to use Juice Plus to help improve health potential. And also have hosted a study- Study #ID00-420 A Randomized Phase II Study of the Nutritional Supplements Juice Plus + and Juice Plus + Complete in Ovarian Cancer Patients


  • Always growing and networking to help and support others. Email me if you or your organization would like to join in the Nick to the Plus Endurance Challenge