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Texas Weather and Training

December 6, 2016

 This is what I see when I think about going running or riding in the cold and wet! lol

I am a bit bamboozled! My first thought is how warm it has been here in Central Texas up to this past weekend. My main concern with that is how does it affect the trees, the animals and the BUGS if it has been so warm... My second thought is, dang I wasn't ready for this cold wet weather!


Sometimes, I think I am part BEAR, because this recent weather kinda gets me down and wanting to hibernate. Anyone else feel like this? I am pretty sure it has something to do with being born in July and loving the outdoors and the water and such.


So what do we do when it gets cold and wet? What do you do? Does it bother you? Do you bundle up? Do you just go out as is and take the bad ass approach? Do you go inside to the dreadmill or trainer? As if we didn't have too many choices to make with daily training already and then the Texas weather comes to piss on us. Maybe we should move closer to the equator, us warm weather folks. When is is 100+ outside, sometimes you will hear me say "Well at least it's not freezing or raining" conversely you will hear me say when it is cold outside "Well at least it's not 100+ outside"


I remember Jimmy Britton telling me when he was riding the colder European weather, we would wear his old wetsuit, that he let me borrow early in my career... Personally, I am too cheap to buy "weather gear" because I know or hope it will be warmer the next day or week. If it lasts and I forced to get out there, I piece together all the warm clothing I have since middle school...

Here is a quick article on how to prepare for weather provided by the Mayo Clinic


I guess my point is in the whole ramble is; there will never be a perfect day for training, there is always some excuse we can make to not GO... But we got to suck it up and just GO DO IT, if we want to get better, what doesn't kill us...right?


I applaud the runners that tackled the Rock N Roll SA this weekend. Liza Hunter Galvan, Rick Carrillo, Anita Quirino, my friends that all had great success out there. But I now think of all the 1000s of runners that were out there much longer than these speedsters. They are also CHAMPIONS for GETTING OUT THERE day after day training, getting up that cold wet morning and GOING THE DISTANCE! Yall ALL INSPIRE ME! Love you all fellow athletes!













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