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Being a Multipotentialite

December 19, 2016




Are you a Multipotentialite? I watched the below Ted Talk a while back and totally related to this classification (even though we don't like titles).


Starting at a young I have always had MULTI interests. If I got bored I would usually occupy my mind with something else. In school back in the 80s this did not go over so well. So, like many of you I was diagnosed with ADHD and given Ritalin to "control" my activity. This a shame, because I was labeled as a "problem" or "outcast". I learned to not let this bother me much because I knew I was different and thought it was kind of cool. I guess I knew something more was in my future with this "Super Power!" These days I think the schools and counselors are learning to recognize people like us are not necessarily a problem but capable of so much more!


Up to this point I have been a - son, student, soccer player, cub scout, runner, national champion, record holder, actor, musician (cello, piano), swimmer, cyclist, massage therapist, college student, husband, dad, friend, church president, triathlete, IronMan, triathlon board member, triathlon club president, homecoming court, tutor, mentor, mentee, mail room employee, flexographic pressman, continuous improvement student, six sigma green belt, lean manufacturing student, safety professional, medic, corporate fitness leader, race director, race production staff, volunteer recruiter, business owner, coach, marketer, business partner, swim instructor, web developer, blogger.... and the list grows everyday.


Am I tired, confused, overwhelmed, spread out, lost? Oh yeah (rarely tired), but I love it! Everyday I pursue what interests me. I have learned that this is who I am, and I have never felt more alive! I no longer have constraints or limitations. Through my journey and experience with various roles, I have learned systems is key. As long as I keep in mind I need to have purpose with my interests and apply systems to stay on track. But in the mean time the path I am walking is a journey, not a destination, life is a marathon not a sprint, and I will keep living to the PLUS! 


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