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Event Production- my life, my career, my love!

January 9, 2017


The party started back in 1999! lol like a song right? #prince


The main reason I went to Texas State was because back then it was the only University in Texas with a functioning triathlon team. I had raced the SWT Sprint Tri the year before (my second tri and I forgot my goggles). This was also the first year a tri was held in Spring Lake. My first year on the team I was recruited to be the run and massage coordinator for the event. The main thing I remember and my first big lesson in event production was I ran out of cups! Never run out of cups and TP at events! Good first lesson eh! I also met the boys mom at this event, so they wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for that! So to say the least, from the start, event production has had a huge influence on my life, it is my life, my career, my love!


I have been honored to be a part of everything from a elementary school practice triathlon to working on an Ironman Crew. Every experience I have been part of event production has been a learning experience. There is always some level of uncertainty, adjustments, the process, great people, hard work, and accomplishment. This is what I live for, mainly the process and seeing the plan come together. I also get great pleasure out of seeing the participants overcome their challenges and reach their goals. I am already filled with so many memories of seeing people have fear in their face and then joy of overcoming. This is what fills me, what motivates me and keeps me wanting to grow in event production.


This is a new year and this past weekend was a turning point for me. We put on the 12th annual River Road Run Half Marathon. I have so many memories for this event alone. This year I partnered with Bart and Scallywompus and we grew the event over 200%! When I started Seidel Productions back in 2005, I made a good run at this business, but then life happened and my dream faded of making this a career. SInce then I have worked with some great teams (High Five Events is alway Fam), but have only been part of a crew. Working with Scallywompus I now have the ability to grow again, create and contribute my ideas to the mix! It is going to be a great year! I love event production and helping people accomplish their goals! Come out and move, participate and be active to the PLUS!

















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