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Less than 10% Achieve New Year's Resolution! Why Shred10?

January 16, 2017


I am going to start a Shred10 group starting February 1st! Who is with me?


So were you one of the 41% of American's that make a New Years Resolution? If you did not set one are you perfect? Or do you just not want to try to improve?


I will tell you, I am not perfect. I do not eat perfect. I do not train all 12 months out of the year. I traditionally slack off a bit during the holidays, but I don't go out of control either. I don't eat too much and I still stay pretty active. Now that we got the first of the year behind this I invite you to start the #Shred10 with me!


What is the Shred10?- 






My words- Shred it, Live it, Share it! My understanding is that the Shred10 is a 10 day program to cut out things in our diet that basically work against our system. To put better things in our body for 10 days, and to do what is right for our body for 10 days. 10 days is long enough to start good habits but short enough that we can commit to it with good success. So after 10 days we go back to our old ways right? We continue to moderate the things that work against us and become aware of how changing our habits has affected us.


Why Shred10? There are tons of programs, diets, pills out there that claim they will help you lose weight fast and easy right? How is Shred10 different? Well the basis of it is fruits and vegetables, whole food nutrition. How many of you eat enough fruits and vegetables, 7-13 servings everyday? Did you know that fruits and vegetables are the oil that help our engine run? Did you know what we are exposed to toxins everyday; we breath in toxins, we put on toxins (deodorant, make up, sun screen...), the food we eat has toxins...

Shred10 is basically a detox your body why of life that does not starve or depealt you in the detox process. We won't have to count calories or deprive ourselves. The Trio and Complete Juice Products are backed by science and quality control to ensure we are getting the best nutrition on the planet!


So who is with me? Comment below or email me at

I will be creating our own Facebook event page for our Shred10 group!


Hop on board and achieve your health and fitness goals today!






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