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January 31, 2017

 This weekend I made the day trip with Jeff Raines up to Dallas to mingle, learn and network with the other TriDot Coaches. Unfortunately all were not able to attend, we were told we are up to over 30 coaches.


My athlete base has really increased over the past month through

We were told almost 5000 athletes applied for PSP. This is truly amazing! ends today! You still have time, sign up now!


I already had a strong belief in TriDot, achieving the feat of breaking a 12 year old personal record in the 70.3. After this weekend, sealed the deal for me. Jeff telling us what is coming and meeting legend Kurt Madden is now on board! It just makes complete sense to me. I have been informally coaching triathlon for almost as long as I have been racing triathlon, starting with Texas State Triathlon Club, New Braunfels Tri and random athletes here and there. I even went to USA Triathlon Coaches Certification course back in the day when it first came out over 10 years ago. This is where I met my coach Maciej Rakalski who trained me through World Championships and Challenge Roth...


Back then, even with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, the Certification, 100s of hours of training, talking to athletes and coaches, I did not feel confident in writing training plans. It was a huge block for me and hindered my coaching career. At the time I felt like an idiot, but deep down I just not feel comfortable or completely honest telling people how to train. I felt like I was missing something, not knowledge in the process, how periodization works or having a lack of workouts to give to people. I just felt like I would be lying to people, gambling with their athletic future or lead them to injury.


TriDot has completely closed that gap! Almost two years ago when ledgend Natasha Van Der Merwe approached me after knowing I was looking to get back into coaching. I am truly grateful for that day and it just clicked for me, this is what I have been looking for in my Trilife and career!


Working with only the best tools- Video


I apologize for the hair and looking like I just woke up, I did just wake up! I literally just jumped out of bed and had the strong urge to share this enlightenment! The past years have been a true challenge and it feels extremely good that everything I have been working towards is finally coming together. I love coaching, I love race production and I love helping people realize their dreams and overcome their fears. Live to the PLUS!











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