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What does "Clean" Mean to Nick to the PLUS?

February 4, 2017


Yesterday was my two year anniversary of being "clean". The primary accomplishment of this date is that I have not consumed alcohol for the past two years. Just to give you a little background, Alcoholics Anonymous use the term "Sober". When I started this journey, I went to my 90 AA meetings in 90 days, actually I went to 150 meetings in 120 days... To clarify, I use the term "clean" that is the term used my Narcotics Anonymous, which I prefer to frequent. First off NA is much more structured with an actual book to go through the Steps rather than a hand me down subjective process. Second, I think the groups are much more hip, a younger crowd and generally more friendly. NA also addresses the overall problem of addiction rather than just with alcohol. You see, I am an addictive active athlete and I prefer the term Multipotentialite. At a young age, I am sure the term ADHD is use on pre addicts... The difference between a substance addict and an addictive active athlete, that is Nick to the Plus is filling the hole...


The gap in my life, the hole I was in was that I was recently divorced, my family broken and I felt stuck in my career. I am German and I grew up in German bier gardens, I grew up thinking German's are supposed to drink (interestingly enough is the trend in Germany last time I went was to drink Alkoholfrei bier). So when I was unsatisfied with life, it was only natural for me to turn to drinking more. Let me tell you , drinking more or any drinking does not solve problems, it only intensifies the problems. And oh man have I gone through it over the past 3-4 years! The past two though, have been nothing but healing, growing, and helping others!


So, what does "clean" mean to me? Let me say, I am not always perfect but this is what I strive for; living clean in the body, the mind and the spirit! Before I went to my 150 meetings in 120 days directly after getting pulled over for drinking and driving, one of best friends and training partner Nusha, told me that I had to go to Choices Seminars. Long story short, Choices changed my life and set my foundation for the past two years of development. You see, you have to come to terms with yourself in your mind before you can live clean. You have to learn to love yourself and be right in your head, right with relationships. I learned these life skills at Choices. Like I said, I am not always perfect, but I am more aware to learn from every experience. Through the Steps and going to meetings, I learned how to let go of things I can not control, gratitude, and that helping others is what life is all about. Ironically, these same lessons are reinforced through the Network Marketing industry. I have traveled a parallel in the career I have chosen and my recovery community. It truly is amazing, exhilarating and powerful this life I am living! Everyday is different, I have 100s of conversations and meeting new people everyday, to get to know them and to find a way we can help and learn together.


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