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Follow your Heart, Run and Live FREE!

February 14, 2017


What is it that sets your heart and mind free? Where do you get released, escape from the hustle and bustle that is life today? Have you found your life to the PLUS?


Many of my friends find their place in swimming, biking and or running. For some it is Crossfit, Obstacle Course Races, the gym, in home workouts... Some it is art or music. A lot of kids escape to the video games.


With these activities have you ever felt like you transcended the limitations of freedom, gone beyond what you are normally capable, gotten into the ZONE?


I ran Be My Valentine 5k this weekend with a time of 21:17, placing 2nd in AG and 8th overall out of 600+ runners. This was not a super fast time, but I can almost guarantee the other top 20 runners run more than me, a lot more.


Do we need to run (swim and bike) ourselves to oblivion to be fit or faster than we normally would?


How does Nick to the Plus run or race with relatively less training and keep fitness?


1. SHRED 10- Good nutrition makes the engine run more clean, less energy or effort expended with better results in performance. I had just finished my February Shred 10 where we eliminated unhealthy habits and embraced healthy lifestyle changes. So I went into the race feeling lighter and engine running FREE!


2. Injury prevention- For most of my running and triathlon career I have battled injuries from car accidents, muscular imbalance, and nerve issues. It truly does amaze me, I have done Ironman Triathlon with the limitations and pains I have. Recently I have been on a quest to get these under control with holistic healing and strength work. Injury recovery/ prevention is a passion of mine to help others with what I have learned about the body, it's capability to heal and run FREE!


3. Mental preparedness- This is the ace in the hole I really like to share and explore with people. Imagining a good run or race, experience with strategy and race tactics, being able to relax under stress and strain, and the basic ability of being free in your head, being positive, having belief in yourself... If you can accomplish this state, you can shave time and mental weight to run FREE.


All of these practices and principles can be use in any activity or aspect of life. Let me show you how to LIVE FREE!


Get on the Nick to the Plus Bus! Free your mind, body and spirit to accomplish the things you never thought possible! 




Happy Valentines Day all!










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