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My Why

March 20, 2017


What is your why? Do you know why you do what you do everyday? Do you have passion behind your why, does it make you cry?


These are all very important life questions if you want to #LIVETOTHEPLUS


My WHY is my two kids, my boys, River and Mathis. I love kids and I always wanted to be a dad. I could not have asked to be a more lucky dad with two awesome boys. Why did I want to be a dad? For one, my family is extremely important to me, loving my current family and remembering the history of my family. I have learned so many lessons from my dad, mom, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... I want to pass those lessons and experiences on to my sons; places we've been, stories we've lived, people we've met. These things and seeing them again through a child's eyes, that is what Living to the PLUS is for me and my ultimate WHY.


Passing it on, paying it forward is how I live my WHY. I have learned over the past couple of years, this is what fills me. Not only sharing experiences with my sons but everyone I meet, learning their story and how our stories can cross and influence more stories!


I have to share this; today I met one of my athletes at the river for her second open water swim. She is vocal on how much she fears swimming, open water and more importantly, drowning. Yet, she comes to the river and subjects herself to this fear, she faces it and is determined to overcome it. We literally stair stepped her into the water and into getting more comfortable. She ended up swimming the farthest she has in open water, almost a mile! She was so excited and empowered! It was a great thing to witness. This is WHY I COACH and want to be part of more stories like this.


WHY do I put on EVENTS? I have raced over 3000 miles in running, triathlon, swimming and biking. I have had some of my most memorable moments in life on and around the race course with great people. While I have been in event and race production I have witness some of the most powerful moments of overcoming fears and accomplishing goals. This makes me feel ALIVE!


WHY do I NETWORK and MARKET health products? Networking has been one of the most fascinating processes I have ever been involved with. I had a corporate J.O.B. went to work every day, was extremely limited in where I wanted to go in my career while overworked and over expected to fulfill... I was drained, discouraged, abandoned... I came home and felt incomplete and trapped in life. At first, in networking, I went through the motions, tried to talk to and meet people. I think I was a little eager and rushed to get a YES. Then I learned to ask questions. Asking questions and truly wanting to listen to other people, to hear their story and like I said becoming part of their story, this is Living to the PLUS! This is because instead of everything being about me, about my hardship, my pain, about my needs, my challenges; it is about them, YOU and about US helping each other and motivating more people. The products are only vessels, tools (the best tools), but a way to include more people into the picture of healthy living, healthy giving and being the best people we can be together!


Back to my WHY, my boys are my LIFE. I want to continue to be the best dad I can, the most active and healthy dad I can. To be there for my boys as long as I can and see them raise families. Every moment I spend with them I want to be magical, fun, laughter, growth, energetic, and with LOVE. #LIVELOVETOTHEPLUS
















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