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Do you Alphay?

May 11, 2017


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Nick to the PLUS Alphay Story-

As some of you know over the past 3 and 4 years I have gone through quite a bit of life and career changes. You can go back and stay tuned to my BLOG if you want to know more. On the career front I have chosen to be an entrepreneur in event production, coaching and marketing. I have learned so much, met so many people and been electrified in my new life, it's great!

In my old job, in corporate safety, I had to sell safety. I had to create the safest environment possible with equipment, training, and education. But the hardest part was convincing all the workers that SAFETY was part of their job too. I had to ask, "do you want to go home to your family every day", " do you care about your co-workers safety, do you want them to go home to their family?" I learned a lot in the job, the challenge was always of limitations in change, turnover, and leadership support... The biggest challenge for me was that while important for all, safety was not my passion.

What is my passion you ask? My passion is helping others in not only safety, but whole health and fitness. Listening to people's story, learning their passions, their challenges and engaging on how I can be part of their story and success in health!

Alphay is one of my heavy hitter tools to accomplish this passion. One of the oldest nutritional booster in history, over 5000 years, and still going strong. My first question to my mentor, Erin Truslow, was what is the science backing Linzhi and Alphay? The Science is strong as seen on

My personal experience with Alphay has been positive. Early on I did a bit of an experiment with getting off my usual Juice Plus regimen, starting Alphay, doing physical tests then back on both Juice Plus and Alphay to see the difference. In reference to science, simplicity and longevity- the Juice Plus and Alphay combination is a POWER HOUSE in health! I don't have hard clinical data to present from my experiment but I do know how it makes me feel and perform. Put it this way, I challenge you to come try to live a day in the life of Nick to the Plus and try to keep up! lol. I don't get sick. I don't get sore. I wake up early, work hard physically and mentally all day long and #LIVETOTHEPLUS !

In short I feel confident and honored to have the Alphay products as a tool. Helping people either get healthier or give them an opportunity to help others and have supplemental income. What is better than that?

Do you Alphay? Visit Alphay Nick to the Plus today! 

For a Free Alphay consult email or call 210.843.4130


What are you waiting for? #DoyouALPHAY #LivetothePLUS


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