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Find Your Mojo, Live to the PLUS

September 14, 2017

I was asked by a friend who is going through some blues to write a post on "How to Find your Mojo Again". So here it goes-

 Thank you Karen!


Forbes lists in their article "You Lost It: 7 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back (Yeah Baby) -


1. Change Your View

2. Change Your Attitude

3. Change Your Patterns

4. Change Your Priorities

5. Change Your Mentor

6. Change Your Friends

7. Change Your Thoughts


While these are all great suggestions, what Nick to the Plus has learned in his process is that these are secondary to the changing of your mojo... The first step, and hardest part, is making these decisions to get started:  getting out of bed, getting out to workout, cleaning your desk, making lifestyle changes.  How do you change your Priorities?  How do you change your Mentor?  First, you have to make the choice to take these actions but it goes deeper than that...


In Psychology Today the Article “The 10 Rules of Change”-


1. All Behaviors are Complex - break them down into smaller units

2. Change is Frightening - Examine the Consequences

3. Change Must be Positive - Enjoy the Act, Reward Yourself

4. Being is Easier than Becoming - Take Baby Steps

5. Slower is Better - Establish Calm, Appreciate the Path

6. Know More, Do Better - Monitor your Behaviors, Request Feedback

7. Change Requires Structure - ID What Works, Logically Sequence Events

8. Practice is Necessary - Use Helpers

9. New Behaviors Must Be Protected - Control Your Environment, Use Memory Aides

10. Small Successes Are Big - Map Your Success


One other Nick to the Plus suggestion is not to think emotionally, but logically. A lot of the time when making decisions about change we put our emotions into the choice. It is natural to have emotions, to feel depressed or sad, but take yourself out of that when deciding to make the change. Ask yourself “What is best for me?”  “Do I want to be in this situation for long?” “What is the next ONE thing I can do to change this?”  Then, once you answer those questions, make the choice to ACT, MOVE, DO!  In situations of addiction or bad habits we have triggers; create a trigger for yourself for positive change, getting your Mojo Back, and action to get the ball rolling. Examples are - do jumping jacks, scream at the top of your lungs, have a meditation mantra and say it 100 times “I am going to make a change”...


When it seems impossible, hand it over!  Give it a break, distract yourself with another easier task, and then come back to it. Also, help someone else make a change. Other people out there might have a situation worse than yours. Offer them help and then come back to your challenge...then, it might not seem so difficult.


Now go do it! Find your Mojo and Live to the PLUS


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