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How does 2018 look for you?

December 27, 2017

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and planning a safe, happy New Year!


FYI- we are swimming in the Comal Last Public Exit 730am New Year's morning.


I don't know about you, but I am in the mood to kick 2018 to the moon, no past the stars! 2017 was pretty awesome year. NTP had some first times things (Don't Tread on my Tri...) and some milestones (Athlete PRs, went solar and plantstrong...) but I still feel like 2017 was a "simmering/stirring the pot" year after two "getting the ingredients together" years for Nick the PLUS. Now I feel like 2018 is going to launch!


I don't know if you guys believe in energy of the universe, timing, luck and or fate? I guess I try to learn and pay attention all of these things. If nothing else, versus stumbling, crawling and searching, now I feel like I am starting to walk the path that my belief, experience and actions have brought me to. 


Now being 40 and maintaining my promise to myself to be the fittest 40 I can be, it's time to bring you guys with me, with us...


I listened to my first Rich Roll- Podcast- EPISODE 336 RIP ESSELSTYN IS PLANTSTRONG! (AND WHY YOU SHOULD BE TOO)


I met Rip Esselstyn- Engine 2 earlier this year to talk about a potential future project, still top secret! Who am I kidding, I want to have a Plant Strong TriTeam and more... It's on the backburner, like I need more to do right now... stay tuned TOTHEPLUS


Anyway, this podcast really hit it home for me. The main thing that Rip said that was different from his Lance Armstrong The Forward Podcast was he said "This whole chronic disease trend could be turned around in 6 months to a year..." 


1st off the MAN has his facts and science to back this statement up, with his father                Dr. Esselstyn

2nd the confidence to say that, is extremely powerful to me!

3rd I am part of this MISSION! The mission of a Healthy Revolution!

and I see what Rip and Rich see...


Over the past three years I have made one simple lifestyle change at a time, starting with quitting alcohol. It has been an amazing process and journey. The things I have changed in my life shows me that change is possible for everyone who wants it. The more people who see and make the changes the better our overall earth can be, that is what WE see.


Do you see what you need to change?


What I saw four years ago was divorced, broken family, stuck in corporate america, drinking, eating whatever, not caring fully about my health, stuck in life...!


Now what I see is the other side. The side that many are fearful about. The side many don't even know about or acknowledge. The other side side of health. The other side of recovery- physically, spiritually and mentally. The other side of caring- for myself and others. The other side of thinking that not everything is doom and gloom. The side where everything, absolutely everything, is an opportunity to- grow, give, learn and share.


If you want 2018 to be TOTHEPLUS for you, call text or email 210.843.4130







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