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Healthy Men, Stories of Transformation

April 4, 2018

I was honored to present and then meet Jesse this past week. Him and his dad have a powerful story of service, trauma, stress and then recovery. My story does not compare, but if we touch one person to make lifestyle change we have done our job.


Please enjoy this 30 min Zoom call of Jesse and I sharing our story-

Healthy Men are Better Men Call 3-29-18 “Change Your Life, Change Your Story”



Highlights of what I have learned over my journey-


1. Even when you are good at something or riding high, it can all change in an instant.


2. There is more about you as a person than just one thing. Find many talents and passions within you and be grateful.


3. Helping others heal and find their healthy journey is a vital part of healing for you.


4. It is a continuous journey for everyone, we don't ever "figure it out" or "get there", we all have our ups and downs, we all fail and falter. But it's a matter of getting back up, learning our lessons, keep moving forward, lock arms with and help others.


If you want to lock arms with me, join my journey to help others in health email or call  210.843.4130







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