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September 25, 2018


Hello everyone, as you may have noticed, I have missed a few months of blogging. I have missed it, while I have been pushing out quite of bit of content on other media, I really do love writing, especially when I have something solid to write about!


We all go through life change and challenges, and that has where I have been. The best news is I am back at H-E-B. You can refer to some of my earlier posts to catch up, but I am eternally grateful to get the call to come back. To fill you in, I am once again the Safety and Health Specialist at the San Marcos Retail Support Center, AKA the largest warehouse in Texas. My ultimate responsibility is to reduce Safety incidents and injury while at the same time being the first response/ Medic on site.


In short this facility has-


-Over 1 million sq ft

-Over 1000 Partners

-Five different warehouse processes

-Over 200 MHE (material handling equipment) on the floor at anytime

-Over 7 miles of conveyor and automation...


I am so lucky to be working with all of these "Industrial Athletes", makes Ironman look like kindergarten... These fine people work 10 hours shifts with lifting over 2000 items each day, running a marathon every day! I have true respect for the veterans. I am also lucky to be back working with one of the best Physical Therapist in the State, in my opinion, and the Fit for Work Crew...


I much prefer to be proactive in Safety rather than a "Medic" in reaction mode. So the two main things I focus on are 1. Measuring Safety and 2. Engaging in the Partners to know we care and here to keep them safe. It's one family I missed on my leave...


Returning to H-E-B has given me a different perspective on what I do in my Job and outside with Nick the Plus... Something you may have also noticed is I am not longer working with Scallywompus. I have learned to value every experience and working with them I learned a lot about myself and what I want to give to the industry. I am still with High Five Events and working with H5E is like getting your PHD for race production, while the other was quite a step back in organization... Now being back in Risk Management, I could no longer expose myself and my career in known Risk and negligence... Moving on, the past months I have really been evaluating how Nick the Plus can contribute to the community and TRI/Event industry..?


My first exposure, 6-8 years of event production were purley volunteer and learning. When I created Seidel Production and High Five Events was started by Dan, Stacy and Jack, I started to get side income. The past 3-4 years of trying to make a sole living from events and coaching was a huge challenge... there are so many elements to content with... What I have concluded over the past months of career rearranging is THIS- I don't get the most value from monetary return. While it is nice for side income, the ART of the business is lost when the focus is marketing, entries, and income...

From the first event I was involved with production Texas State Sprint Triathlon, what has kept me in all these years (since 1999) is the 1. process of putting something bigger than myself for others 2. seeing it all come together when it sometimes seems impossible and 3. the joy of seeing my work give others the opportunity to overcome a challenge and goals...

That is why I am driven, why I don't just disappear into a regular 9-5, why I will continue to keep in finding my place in accomplishing those three goals...


Part of my journey has been trying to figure out how to challenge myself. As a long time race director, it can not be denied that it is getting harder and harder to put on any kind of open road events. Traffic, more building, weather, venue accommodations, permits and community involvement or buy in... The list goes on. Then there is when you come up with ideas and maintain them for an extended time and people want to just take them away... Anyone can put on a race or a run, but the true meaning of EVENT- noun-a thing that happens, especially one of importance. I put great emphasis on the importance, the soul, the meaning and contribution of an event. Events are like children to me- inception, plan,  development, delivery...


Inception/plan is where I am at right now. After 20 years of putting on events, it will be the death of me if I do not come out with my/our next masterpiece. The next thing that will fulfill the three goals and something that will make change and influence in a positive direction- towards health and community. Stay tuned to Nick to the PLUS, I am here for you and here to go the distance!













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