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Working Towards Something Bigger than YOU

October 24, 2018

Every Tuesday I give a OSHA Safety Training to new hires at the Warehouse. I did this for three years before my "sabbatical" AKA- growing period. Now coming back, I look at the training with a different perspective. I start off the training with Incident Reporting, I define what and incident is, ending the sentence in "injury or damage to people or property that was PREDICTABLE or PREVENTABLE"




When I first heard this phrase, even being a Safety Tech at an OSHA VPP Site, it really hadn't sunk in. I said, you can't predict accidents... Then I think back to my car accidents in high school, life changing events, both were very predictable and preventable (note, do not let your teenagers get into cars with new drivers...)


So now, coming back to being a safety and health professional, I look at predictions (measuring)  and prevention (engagement) in a whole other light. I am almost like a glorified LifeGuard, the best lifeguards blow their whistle before the kid falls down and busts his head. I love the art and science of preventing injury and damage so my Partners go home the same way the came to work.


On a darker side, a few days ago a good friend of mine passed. I admit, I have not been the best friend and we have only seen eachother in passing a few times in the past months. He was young and his disease was more than likely preventable... Yet, I wasn't his lifeguard or maybe he didn't reach out of help... Either way, it make me sad I did not catch or predict this.


I did some soul searching recently and did a deeper dive onto WHY I do what I do? Why I am driven to be a lifeguard, to help others overcome challenges and to be their best safety healthy selves..? Then it kind of popped up, I guess I knew it was always there, but I remembered. (I have asked her to write her account of this, but in time...) When my mom was 17, her dad died in her arms, in the elevator, on the way up to his doctors office. Could this have been prevented? Could they not have stopped to get gas on the way? Could he have had less stress in his life, could he have eaten more vegetables, walked more, less of this or that??? I don't know, but I wonder. The majority of my mothers career was in Cardiovascular Medicine as a heart Nurse and Manager... She helped 1000s of patients, kids and families. I truly believe I am here to continue her and my grandmother's lifework of helping people. To prevent and predict, to find root cause. To engage and help them overcome their challenges. Through my family history, living a mostly healthy and active lifestyle, studying and learning and sharing brings me to this STRONG PERSPECTIVE with TOOLS and PASSION to help not only personal health but community health..! I am here for you, if you think I can help you or your loved ones, please just ask, reach out. I have had too many friends live unfulfilled lives or  leave too soon.I look into people's eyes everyday I want to help more.






So two weeks ago I did my first swim of a five swim progressive series. The first swim in Lake Placid was 5k that I did while my dad and sons kayaked besides me.


RIGHT NOW it has been raining for many days over the past week and the flow in the Guadalupe River/ Canyon Lake system is UP! I was planning the second swim in Lake McQueeney of 5 miles this Sunday. We will see how the water is. I like the flow and challenge of rougher water, but speaking prevention, swimming in high bacterial water would not be smart.


This brings me to a BIG PART of why I am doing this. Going to Europe to race two years in a row 2013-14 and having less than ideal conditions and outcomes. I spent over 2 years, 1000s of dollars in preparation for these events. I could get rained out this weekend! Is ALL LOST? Shit naw, I didn't spend a buck! And to be perfectly honest I have not been totally focused on training. So this experiment is working out perfectly! If I have to push the swim a week or two now worries. I will be FIT and I will continue this CHALLENGE the way it was intended to play out. Folks, I am really just starting, MUCH MUCH MORE to COME!


TO THE SECOND PART- of these swims is that I AM WORKING TOWARDS SOMETHING BIGGER THAN ME! I really have no clue what I am doing. I am learning as I go. It was pretty sweet with my good friend and cancer survivor suggested I look at

I am aware it is kind of crazy to pick more than one charity when this is my first Philanthropic go around, but as I have said before, I AM TO THE PLUS! These causes are near and dear to me, are picked for very specific reasons with either helping kids, helping those who are suffering or working towards prevention/ sustainability. So PLEASE CLICK ON MY CROWDRISE PAGE - DONATE - join me, challenge yourself - CREATE YOUR OWN TEAM or CAUSE to WORK TOWARDS SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOU!


















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