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January 31, 2019





  1. be or go beyond the range or limits of (something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division).

    "this was an issue transcending party politics"

    synonyms:go beyond, rise above, cut across

    "there were differences of opinion transcending Party lines"

    • surpass (a person or achievement).

      synonyms:surpass, excel, exceed, beat, trump, top, cap, outdo, outstrip, leave behind, outrival, outvie, outrank, outshine, eclipse, overstep, overshadow, throw into the shade, upstage

      "his latest bout of bad behavior transcended even his own worst excesses"

What does this word mean to you? I really want to know so comment or email what it means to you to transcend and what has been your ultimate experience so far?


Before we continue, imagine that moment, that moment you feel on top of the world. Was it for an instant or sustained for and hour or a day? What was the extension of that feeling? Did you feel better or special than others, did you want to tell other people or share the experience with others the next time?


I have felt transcendence through; 

  • growing up in a loving and supporting family

  • the excitements of learning how to ride a bike, sailing, off-roading...

  • playing soccer and learning what TEAM meant, scoring a goal

  • learning and believing that I could run like the wind, feeling that freedom

  • learning achievement (winning my first race, finishing a full triathlon) 

    • Then loss of ability, injury, then recovery and adaption

  • the love of and continuous improvement of the "process"

  • learning healing on self and others

  • substance transcendence, addiction and recovery (not all transcendence is always positive)

    • transcendence of fear, emptiness, anger and turning it around to the PLUS

  • being a father, a family, having extended families

  • mentorship (on both sides)

  • leading teams and organizations

    • coming back to my old job with new perspective, developing systems, affecting a culture while also running "my dream career" on the side

      • This is currently my biggest challenge and also biggest potential for life transcendence

  • being and adult (or trying to be, small victories)

  • being a caregiver

What I have found out is the more you seek this transcendence, the more you get uncomfortable to overcome, the more you push your limits, the more you create, the more you learn about yourself and others the more you grow and live a full life.


This is what I am after in my Nick to the PLUS Endurance Challenges. Being part of the event/ race/ running/ triathlon/ production/ volunteer / spectator/ father/ coach for the amazing time I have, I have been ready to pull from deep and challenge myself in ways to transcend like never before.


This past year I have completed three endurance challenges I set out to do-

  •  The 4 * 4 * 48 or Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours equaling 48 miles over 48 hours waking up every 4 hours even at midnight and 4 am for two days!

    • This took two attempts and was during the hot summer!

  • Swim 4 lakes on the Guadalupe River system-

    • October 7th- Lake Placid in Seguin, TX which was 3.1 miles long and took about 2 and half hours.

    • October 28th- Lake McQueeney which was 5.5 miles and took 5 hours

    • December 9th- Lake Dunlap which was 6.3 miles in about 4 hours and 20 min.

    • December 16th- Canyon Lake which was 7.9 miles in about 5 hours

  • Run the New Braunfels Main Plaza Circle 2019 times (slide show link below)

    • 24 days - 41 hours of running - 256 miles - 9:37 overall pace

  • More to come!

What does doing all this do for me? Why? Why not stick to traditional races or challenges? Did I Transcend during these experiences?


First, I do these challenges, because I can. They are there and some people don't even have the option to challenge themselves in such a way, so I do THIS for THEM.


Second, I have been creating and designing events for others for a long time. I have had ideas and aspirations to do events/ "projects" that I thought might be fun and challenging and I just decided to go out the do them, tri them... that's what I am doing.


Third, during my time as a race directer/ promoter, many of the event I have created in the past, in one form or fashion I have lost these events. Some of the events I have been promoting for over 15 years and put many hours of blood sweat and tears. So in order to fill that void, I have been pushing myself to the limits with these endurance events. No one can take these original experiences from me. I have asked myself, do I need to feel a since of ownership of something, and event, and experience. I don't think it is that, I feel the need to keep having experiences that help me to further transcend in search of my true and better self!



The 2019 Circles for 2019



Please tell me, what are you doing this year to transcend to find your true and better self?







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