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Ready to Shred10 and 30 day F&V Challenge?

August 27, 2019


Would you agree, blessings bring more or different challenges? Well, a little over a year ago, I got my job back at H-E-B, I am very grateful for this, but it also brings new challenges. Adjusting back into the role, trying to do a good job and also still trying to build my business. Time and activity have been a challenge. My day job is somewhat sedentary, this with less time to "train" and also in the last year I personally have come up with some health challenges regarding family history and stress... Let me know your challenges and we can share, support and keep each other accountable. or text 210.843.4130


SO, it's time reset! Do you ever need a reset? Do you have good intentions, go a good stretch with good habits, then life happens and get a bit off track? Guess what, this happens to us all, and it is always a good time to refocus. So join me!


First, starting September 1, I will be trying a new fruit or vegetable each day for 30+ days. We will be going live every day at 8pm to share our experience with some useful and fun facts and f&V. So tune into to Nick to the PLUS


Starting September 8th as a prep day and on the 9th-18 we will Shred10! To back up a bit, the Shred10 is what eventually got me to a more plant-based diet, so here are the guidelines-

 Here is a short video explaining the Shred10-

 After we Shred it, we can live it!

 How do these results sound?

 Then we Share It!

 Email or text 210.843.4130 #LivetothePLUS


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Ready to Shred10 and 30 day F&V Challenge?

August 27, 2019

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