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I recently started working with Coach Nick to take my running to the next level, as I begin my pursuit of completing all six of the Abbott Marathon Majors.  With the Chicago Marathon up first, Nick designed a very comprehensive, personalized six-month training plan and regiment to put me in the best position for success.  In the short term, each week, Nick provides me with a challenging and diverse slate of activities, from various types of runs to strength and flexibility drills. Nick has taught me a lot about good running form and strategy, and it has been great to have him join me once or twice a week on training runs so that I feel supported.  It has been inspiring to see my strength and flexibility improve, extra weight come off, and have my pace increase.  When I run a race, it is great to know that Nick is tracking me, sending me encouragement, and I feel confident, knowing that he has had me train appropriately for the course.  It was a great feeling this past weekend when I crushed a 7-minute PR in a half marathon.  This makes me even more excited to see what other things I will be able to accomplish in my journey together with Coach Nick!